Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Shanghai Conservatory of Music & Study in shcmusic

Application Requirements and Procedures


l. Application Form for International Students can be downloaded directly from the website of International Students Office (ISO) of the SCM.

2. The Application Form should be accompanied by a passport (xerocopy), three passport-sized photos, a health certificate (unnecessary for those applying for programs less than 6 months), a notarized certificate of educational background, a certificate concerning adequate knowledge of Chinese (xerocopy) and application fee (RMB 500), all of which should be sent to ISO. (The Advanced study students should provide an audio recording( about 20 minutes), a music teacher's recommendation letter(please note that your application materials will not be returned.)

3. After assessments, applicants will receive a form(in two pieces) titled the Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW 202), and the Admission Notice for International Students as well, sent by ISO.

4. With the Visa Application Form(JW202) and the Admission Notice, applicants may procure visas from the nearby Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

5. Entrance, registration and tuition payment should be made at the ISO on the day appointed in the Admission Notice. Late arrival should be noticed and have the permission from the ISO.


1. Three-year college/Four-year undergraduate program: Early February for application, mid-February for entrance examination, and September for entrance.

2. Master degree program: October or November for application, next January for entrance examination, and September for entrance.

3. Doctoral degree program: March for application, May for entrance examination, and September for entrance.

4. Advanced students program (non-degree program): Application before 30 June, if accepted, will start learning from September, Application before 31 December, if accepted, will start learning from next February or March; application acceptable in any month.

5. Long-term Chinese language program (non-degree program): June and December for application, and September and next February or March for entrance; application acceptable in any month.

6. Short-term Chinese language program ( follow the class of Long-term Chinese language program)(non-degree program): Application and entrance will be made through mutual consultation.

7. Private Chinese language program (non-degree program): Application and entrance will be made through mutual consultation.

8. For details of the summer camp or winter camp of Chinese language or music study can refer to annual advertisement, or be made through mutual consultation.


Three-year college students

& undergraduates:

Those hold a high school graduation certificate or equivalent, the level of Chinese language

should be HSK Grade Ⅳ and be able to pass the entrance examination.

Master degree candidates:

Those hold a college graduation diploma or an equivalent certificate, the level of Chinese

language should be HSK Grade VI, and be able to pass the graduate entrance examination.

Doctoral candidates:

Those hold a Master Degree or an equivalent diploma, the level of Chinese language should

be HSK Grade VI, and be able to pass a doctoral entrance examination.

Advanced-study students:

General advanced-study students:

Those hold a high school graduation certificate or equivalent. No entrance exam is required.

Senior advanced-study students:

Those hold Master Degree certificate or an equivalent and plans to pursue research in a

certain field in SCM. No entrance exam is required.

Research scholars:
Those hold a title of or above the level of associate professor and plans to pursue research in a certain field in SCM.
The Chinese languages students:
Those aged 16 to 65 and hold a junior high graduation certificate or equivalent. No entrance exam is required.

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